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While the divorce process can be similar from place to place, a Dallas divorce can have its own issues and processes. A divorce Dallas Tx does have a generally occurring process that will happen similarly in any Dallas divorce court. While your divorce in Dallas tx may differ slightly than average Dallas divorces as described below, this is the normal Dallas County divorce court proceedings.


The first step in a Texas divorce procedure is separation. While separation is a legal concept in some states, divorce court Dallas does not recognize separation as anything other than a step in a divorce in Dallas Texas.

This is not to say that couples going through divorce in Dallas do not choose to live separately while going through a divorce in Dallas County because most do. It is also important to protect yourself in the separation phase of a Texas divorce procedure. Oftentimes the things that you give up in the separation are the things that a judge rules on later in the Dallas County divorce.

Petition for Divorce Dallas

A document called an “original petition for divorce” is the first step in filing for divorce in Dallas County. It is the first of many Dallas County divorce papers, and in a sense it is nothing more than a letter asking the courts for a legal divorce.

Notice of the Lawsuit

When the petition for divorce Dallas County is filed, the respondent is given notice that a lawsuit for dissolution of the marriage has been filed. The respondent is the second person in the suit who did not initially file while the petitioner is the party who filed for divorce.

A process server will be given the notice to take to the respondent. In Dallas Tx divorce law, there are other ways to notify a respondent, but this is the quickest and easiest.

Response to Divorce Petition Texas

When the respondent is served, they must file an answer or a general denial. The answer to divorce petition Texas, or general denial Texas, tells the court that the respondent wants to be heard. This is the respondent’s original answer general denial Texas.

This is also the time when a respondent can file a counter petition for divorce in Texas. A Texas counter petition for divorce form must be used. In a Texas general denial, a counter petition is used so that the respondent receives certain relief that he would not otherwise receive. A general denial answer sample Texas would be when the counter petition for divorce allows the respondent joint custody of their children. The original answer Texas is important so that the respondent does not face default and has the rights they desire while the divorce plays out.

Temporary Orders

The first time you appear in court after Dallas County divorce filings, you receive legally binding temporary orders. They can specify your residence, custody issues, and financial ownership while the divorce is active.


Once you have decided where to file divorce papers in Dallas County and have temporary orders if needed, it is time for discovery. Discovery is when two parties exchange relevant information and prepare for a court case.


In choosing where to file for divorce in Dallas Tx it is important to make sure that you know whether or not you want mediation. This is usually a vital aspect of a successful divorce proceeding.

The Trial

Once everything else is in place and decided, if it is still needed, your trial will happen where to file for divorce in Dallas County. The trial is the last step in the process at the end of which a judge will rule on your divorce.


If you are going through a divorce and have children, it is vital for you to know and understand child custody laws in Texas. This article will ask and answer 11 questions about Texas custody laws and child visitation in Texas.

Where can a new child custody texas case be filed

The state of Texas custody laws govern when and where a new child custody case can be filed. Custody laws Texas are important for the welfare of a child and must be filed in the city and state where the child lives.

Does state of Texas family law apply if one parent moves out of state

Texas child laws allow for custody cases in Texas to continue even if one spouse moves out of the state. Texas law on child custody states that the custodial parent must provide information on why the move is necessary.

Can a Texas custody order be modified

Custody rights in Texas are such that a Texas child custody case can be modified if needed.

How do Texas child custody laws differ from other states

Texas family law child custody and divorce laws in texas child custody are the same thing and differ only slightly from state to state. The main difference in child custody in texas and child custody laws texas outside of Texas have to do with primary conservatorship.

Can I get full custody of child in Texas

Full custody in Texas is possible under texas custody law. Custody laws in texas and houston tx child custody law state that full custody can occur. Child custody cases in Texas under Texas child law allow you to answer the question “how to get custody of child in texas?”

At what age can a child decide which parent to live with in Texas

This question, while it has a very simple answer, is a difficult topic for many parents of older children. The real question should not be, “at what age can a child decide which parent they want to live with in texas” but we should ask why we want to put a child through such a decision.

No child should be put in the position to choose a parent yet the court system throughout the nation has an answer to the question, “at what age can a child choose which parent to live with in texas” and the answer is almost always 12 years old.

What is a primary conservator and what rights are granted primary conservatorship

Under texas child custody guidelines, a primary conservator does not answer to joint custody laws in Texas and does not need to know how to file for joint custody in texas. In fact, child custody law in Texas states that Texas child custody law for a primary conservator should follow the tex fam code and that child custody papers in texas should be filed.

If I am the parent possessory conservator does the other parent have any rights

The joint custody primary residence with mother is when, under Texas laws child custody, joint custody state of texas bows to custodial rights in Texas. Texas divorce child custody can be messy especially when deciding, “can a child decide which parent to live with in texas?” But, getting custody of a child in texas helps to answer the question, “can a child choose which parent to live with in texas?”

What are the texas child visitation guidelines

The Texas child visitation laws govern custody of children in Texas and when a noncustodial parent can have visitation rights.

Does a history of domestic violence affect a custody agreement in Texas

Custody in Texas can be determined based on Texas divorce laws child custody which can be affected as domestic violence is part of family law texas child custody. Interfering with child custody Texas is against child support rights in texas and it is important that child support en texas is not interfered with.

Texas family code 153 has nothing to do with domestic violence, and texas family code chapter 153 helps to govern Texas laws on child custody. A child custody case in texas can easily be solved with a texas child custody agreement.

What are the types of custody in Texas

Types of child custody in Texas help to solve tx custody laws. For instance, “what age can a child choose which parent to live with in texas” can trump primary custody in Texas because when can a child decide which parent to live with in texas is more important than primary residential custodian.

Divorce and child custody in texas can affect filing for joint custody in texas and custodial parent rights texas. The reality is a Texas custody agreement between the two parties is the easiest. A custody agreement Texas helps to protect you from things like how to file for custody of a child in texas, texas family code definition of child, and child support records texas.


If you are looking for a free divorce lawyer consultation, this article will give you six tips for finding a free lawyer consultation houston tx. While a texas divorce attorney free consultation may be easy to find, the most important thing is to make sure the divorce lawyers in houston free consultation is a good one. Many family law attorney houston free consultation offers are to simply get you in the door while the actual divorce attorney houston free consultation offers little to no information.

Make sure the free divorce consultation is offered by a family law expert

Sometimes, divorce lawyers near me free consultation, are not actually divorce attorneys. If a texas divorce lawyers free consultation does not include assurances that they practice family law, the divorce attorney free consultation is invalid.

Sometimes, a divorce lawyer houston free consultation is nothing more than a marketing ploy that will do nothing but waste your time.

After the divorce attorneys free consultation, hire an attorney you are comfortable with and Trust

Even after a texas divorce lawyer free consultation, you are not obligated to hire that attorney. A houston divorce attorney free consultation does not automatically breed trust between you and the attorney who offers the free divorce consultation houston.

In fact, sometimes a real estate attorney houston free consultation disguises themselves as a free divorce consultation near me. The bottom line is that a divorce lawyer free consultation is not a contract.

Look for an attorney who offers a free consultation for divorce

If a divorce attorney does not offer a divorce lawyer free consultation, run. In Houston, divorce law is so competitive that if a houston family lawyers free consultation is not offered, they are probably not legit.

On top of that, if a family law attorney houston texas free consultation is not offered, it is very difficult to know if the attorney is good. A free consultation divorce lawyer is the first step in forming a relationship.

If you get free divorce advice online, consider the attorney’s hourly rate

Even if you receive your advice online, make sure that the divorce attorney near me free consultation is offered. The same goes for a free phone consultation divorce lawyer. Proximity is key when going through a divorce.

If you meet with a houston family lawyer free consultation, find out their hourly rate. While proximity is key, it is not the only important aspect of a divorce consultation free and subsequent hire. The truth is that there will almost definitely be divorce lawyers near me with free consultation. Just make sure that you ask for an hourly rate.

Even if you have free divorce attorney advice, ask about the attorney’s required retainer

Aside from the hourly rate, a retainer may be asked for after the divorce attorney free consultation near me. Even if it is a divorce consultation online, after the free consultation divorce ask about the retainer.

It is important to remember that a family law attorney near me free consultation is not a contract. A free divorce consultation online does not constitute an agreement. A divorce lawyers free advice is nothing more than free advice.

After the divorce lawyers free consultation, ask what does a divorce cost

Divorce lawyers in houston texas free consultation are offered because the attorney wants the opportunity to be your advocate. Divorce lawyers with free consultation are not trying to trick you, they believe they can help. Also, lawyers in houston tx free consultation are given for marketing reasons.

While there may be a free initial consultation divorce lawyer, the rest of the divorce will cost. If there is a divorce attorney consultation fee, just move on to the next attorney that offers a family law attorney free consultation near me. While divorce attorney consultation does offer some level of expertise, you can get that expertise for free with a free family law attorney houston.


Free divorce lawyers near me do not exist. If you are thinking, “i need a divorce lawyer for free,” you will be disappointed. But while a free divorce attorney does not exist, a free divorce consultation does and can be very helpful in the divorce process.

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