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Have You Been Hacked by Your Ex?
In the past, privacy was easy. You had hard copies of every important detail of your life and it was up to you if you wanted people to have access. This is no longer the case. Your personal information, to an extent, is available to almost anyone. That is not to say that you cannot protect it, and only your less valuable information is available to the general public. But what about to those closest to you?When it comes to being able to access your most personal and intimate information online, your spouse probably has that capability. You probably share passwords, have access to each other’s phone, and you can probably find out anything that you want about the other person with little to no effort. In a healthy marriage relationship, this is ok. If your marriage is coming to an end, this access can lead to humiliation, personal disasters, and in the case of a divorce, a ruling in one spouse’s favor.

The bottom line is, when a divorce is in process, your spouse has the capability to hack into your personal information. If you fear being ex hacked, there are some things that you can do to protect yourself.

Privacy Rights

The unfortunate reality is that you do not have a great deal of privacy rights against being ex hacked. There are laws about cyber crime, but very few of them have any implication in a divorce proceeding. Your marriage relationship, while it may be coming to an end, still protects both of you from being implicated in a privacy issues.

Your spouse can legally access your emails, computer, phone, and social media and they can also use the information gained in a divorce proceeding. There are many instances of spouses obtaining this information and successfully using it in their divorce case.

The first thing to do is to tell your spouse that you do not give them permission to go through your personal information. This is vital because it shows that there is some information that is personal to you and that you do not want your spouse to find. Document this request in writing or as audio file so that you can prove your wishes. If this is the case, any information that is brought against you by being Frisco website hacked could at the very least be disallowed in court and may even be grounds for criminal charges against your spouse.

The second thing you should do is to change all of your passwords. Do not hesitate to do this as soon as you know a divorce is in the works. Change your passwords to something that your spouse will not figure out and make sure you write them down in a place that will not be found. This is the most important step you can take in keeping your information safe and it is vital that you do it right away.

Finally, enable two step verification for as many of your accounts as possible. While changing your passwords is important, enabling two step verification can protect your accounts against most forms of hacking.


While you do not have a lot of rights against being Dallas Hacked by your ex, there are some steps you can take to fight against it.

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