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At the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, we understand that substance abuse and addiction happen. If you have gotten caught up in a situation where this is the case, it does not mean you are a bad person or a bad parent. It does, however, mean that there is an increased risk of Child Protective Services (CPS) coming to your home and investigating whether or not your home is safe for your child.

What CPS Can and Cannot Do

The role of CPS is to ensure the safety and well-being of Texas families and specifically in regards to children. The majority of Texas families will never deal with CPS, but when they come it can be a frightening thing. The remainder of this piece will focus on how CPS can and will interact with a family when there are allegations, true or not, that a substance abuse issue is negatively affecting a child’s life.

CPS is duty bound to intervene when they are called about a situation where a parent or legal guardian is endangering a child because of a substance abuse issue. Even if the allegations are false and reported with malicious intent, CPS will investigate. These calls come in anonymously and must be followed up. If you are the parent who was reported, CPS will not get involved in your attempts to get well. They are solely interested in ensuring the safety and well-being of your child.

You are probably wondering, especially if CPS has visited your home, “Can CPS take my child from my home?” The answer is yes. If, after further investigation, CPS finds that your child is in danger, they can and will remove your child from your home. While their goal is to do what is best for the child, when a child is in immediate danger, the best thing to do is to remove them from the situation.

What to do When CPS Takes Your Child

The first thing to do is to hire an attorney who is well-versed and experienced in working with CPS and keeping families together. Bryan Fagan and his associates can help, but whoever you choose make sure they are experts in family law.

The second thing that you do is that you continue to meet with CPS representatives and caseworkers. Begin attending meetings with “aaa drink cps” that show your willingness and desire to discontinue the behavior that led CPS to take your child away. Even if you cannot prove everything at once, continue and marked improvement is important.

CPS will continue to engage with you in a respectful and patient manner as the parent. Their hope and their goal is to get the child back into your home, so treat them with the respect and patience that they need as well.

While CPS continues to communicate with you, they will simultaneously engage with your child as well. CPS will have licensed social workers that speak with your child and can gauge every relevant issue including but not limited to their age, mental development, and trauma level. It is important for them to get to know your child and to see how your substance abuse has affected them.

Throughout this process, make sure that you have legal representation for yourself. Your attorney will be the person who leads and guides you through this difficult time and gives legal advice that will allow you to get your child back as quickly as possible.


We often get calls from clients about cps drug tests. A cps drug test can occur at any time even if you do not know what kind of drug test does cps use in texas. A child protective services drug testing event can happen even because of an anonymous call from cps denton.

In the event of a cps failed drug test texas, you will need an attorney to tell you how to beat cps case. If you fail a cps drug test or a cps hair follicle drug test then you need to make sure you are covered. CPS drug testing texas can be a real issue and what happens if i fail a drug test for cps can really be determined by a cps drug test texas attorney.

Can child protective services make you and family drug test

Cps drug testing and cps texas laws are greatly affected by cps drug test results. Whether it be a cps failed drug test or a pass cps drug test, boy does cps drug test. There are cps guidelines in texas and texas cps laws, but they are complicated.

Yes, CPS can make you take a drug test, but how long does cps have to investigate a case in texas? Is there a cps drug test refusal? Can child protective services drug test? Can cps drug test you? What about cps court ordered drug test? The truth is, the cps drug screen is easy. A texas cps drug test or a cps hair follicle test can be avoided by just not doing drugs.

CPS does have a lot of power over people, but what about how to pass a hair follicle test for cps? When cps gets involved, things can turn ugly. With a cps clicker test and the dallas cps phone number, things can be handled.

What happens if you fail a drug test for cps in texas

What if I fail a texas cps hair follicle test and how long can cps keep a case open in texas? A lot of things can be done that do not violate my cps rights in texas because, can cps drug test me at home.

There are cps home visit drug test and they will can cps drug test me. There are also cps investigation process texas and a texas cps handbook. The child protective services laws texas protect children from cps drugs.

What about failing hair follicle test for cps or cps mouth swab drug test? What about random drug testing texas and anonymous cps report texas? The cps amarillo tx phone number and be called for passing drug test child protective services.

Can cps take my child if i fail a drug test

Yes. cps laws in texas are such that they can take your child. A cps drug assessment and cps rules in texas help cps investigation texas. cps rules and regulations texas help if i pass cps drug test. If the cps safety plan expires, call an attorney. While texas drug and alcohol testing are accurate, they are not perfect and it does not matter texas child protective services laws.

What happens when cps is called even with texas cps anonymous reporting. Child protection laws in texas work because they are cautious and cps safety plan example.

Texas drug testing laws regulations

Should i take cps drug test, or is that illegal? Should i take cps drug test and what is cps drug testing law? What about texas med clinic drug test for newborn drug testing laws in texas in cps office in austin tx? If you call cps austin tx phone number will they tell you how long does it take cps to close a case or what time does cps open? While I am sure they will, cps referral texas and texas med clinic drug testing are still important.

Texas welfare drug testing 2016 will test your cps and texas drug testing.

What type of drug test does cps use

If you are wondering how to pass a drug test from your parents, contact cps texas. Cps requirements texas report drug use to cps and can tell you how long can cps keep a case open. The texas child protective services handbook can help fight cps texas and a cps safety plan texas can say how to beat cps.

The tarrant county cps office, lubbock cps office, and cps amarillo tx will cps clean house even if someone called cps on me. If you are wondering what to do if cps comes to your house, call cps office lubbock tx, drug testing bryan tx, amarillo cps office, cps johnson county tx, state of texas child protective services, or cps office amarillo tx especially in the case of neglectful supervision.

Texas cps parents rights

Will they drug test me in court or in texas med clinic drug testing procedures? Does child protective services waco tx have safe drug testing the woodlands? Is there cps service plan and a fight cps handbook?

The cps tx phone number in cps amarillo can be used for calling cps for drug use about a texas drug test. Reasons to call cps in texas include how to beat cps in court.

If you get a call from cps houston tx phone number, cps amarillo texas, a cps dallas tx phone number, a cps houston phone number, cps lubbock texas, washington state cps drug testing, cps austin phone number, cps montgomery county texas, cps houston tx phone number, child protective services waco texas, an indiana cps drug test, or child protective services lubbock tx then make sure you have an attorney on call. After all, cps called on me not me on them.

The child protective services drug testing policy is vital to close open cps cases in texas or refuse a court ordered drug test. Help us with the cps click test.

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